Pontoon Boat Fence Railing Components

We are not a custom manufacturer if you cannot assemble the configuration of
 pontoon fence you want from our stock pieces, we unfortunately can’t help.


It’s Modular; If you don’t want to design it special see the Fence Package page.

port corner of pontoon fence pontoon boat fence gate Pontoon railing fence
LEFT Corner $149.99
32"x24" up the side
PN: FF-PC-3224
Gate or small fence piece $79.95
24" or 28" or 30"
PNS: FG-24 , FG-28, or FG-30
RIGHT Corner $149.99
32"x24" up the side
PN: FF-SC-3224

The average pontoon has an 8’ (96”) wide deck. A 32” left and a 32” right and a 28” gate with a small gap on each side of the gate yields a playpen that is about 93” wide. 1” to 2” of side deck trim is usually on the carpet next to the fence.
pontoon railing
48" or 72" straight piece $169.99
PNS: FF-48S or FF-72S
pontoon fence
92" straight piece $199.99
PN: FF-925

Straight pieces can be bolted to the 24” corner piece running up the front or back side.
On some floor plans a 92” straight piece can serve as a stern piece (see 16’ 3” fence rail package).

COLOR Paneling (Blue or Burgundy) ADD 10%

It's Modular; just bolt it together
Calculate the length you need and figure out the pieces, or see the complete package page.
pontoon railing diagram pontoon fence diagram
Straight piece across the back Radius in the front and back

Pontoon railing components

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