Pontoon Boat Replacement Fence Paneling

Don’t need new fence but want to clean up the appearance of your pontoon boat?  Replace the aluminum skin panels.

pontoon boat replacement fence paneling 60’ roll, enough for most boats with up to 24’ playpens. $179.00 + $7.50 Shipping
- see part numbers below
(Flat Rate shipping for fence panel is $7.50/roll - Continental US Only!)

24” tall, in some cases can be slit to yield even more.
.020 gauge, strong enough to last for years, but pliable so that it’s easy to work with.
To cut, score with a razor knife and bend along the cut to break it to size
WHITE Bright white both sides - PN: PTC-WHITE
ALMOND/PINE One side Crème the other Light Tan - PN: PTC-ALMOND
GRAY Two shades of Gray (lighter & darker) - PN: PTC-GRAY
The gray is almost an exact match for older Tracker boats.
  White-both sides Almond (one side) Pine (other side) Lt Gray (one side) Dk Gray (other side)  
.020 Replacement fence paneling is only available in these three colors.
Select Color
NEW PRODUCT - just arrived
60’ roll, 24” tall. ,020 gauge.
 Same as our White-Almond and Gray paneling but BLUE and Black.

We’ve sold a ton of our .030 high gloss blue paneling, but the large oversize roll is expensive to ship and the 49” tall roll requires extra cutting.

NOW AVAILABLE High Gloss Blue  and black replacement fence in the easy to work with .020 thickness and 24” x 60’ roll.
Both sides are the same color.


$199.99 + $7.50 Flat Rate Shipping
(Flat Rate shipping for fence panel is $7.50/roll - Continental US Only!)
020 gauge pontoon fence paneling
black replacement pontoon fence

Vinyl Fence Panel
We sold vinyl pontoon fence replacement, but we quit. The photo below shows why. The boat looks worse than this picture. On a hot summer day the vinyl E X P A N D S and contracts and can pull away from pop rivets or screws. The fence panel gets wrinkled and we had one case where the panel pulled out of the crimping and fell in the water. I’m not making this up.  Aluminum paneling is clearly superior but the problem for some sellers is that you have to buy and stock it in volume.  Many internet sellers of vinyl paneling just take your order and forward it to a third person for shipping.  Its easier for the seller but when the paneling looks like this, you won’t be happy.
Vinyl Pontoon Fence

.030 Colored Replacement Fence Paneling

Blue-Burgundy or Black.
.030 which is “thicker” than our ordinary aluminum fence paneling. Because it's thicker, it's also heavier to ship and somewhat more difficult to work with. It comes in 49” tall rolls, 30’ long. The average height of fence paneling is 16” to 18” so by getting the 49” tall roll you’ll have enough panel for most boats up to 28’.

This is the same material as used on new boats. .030 thick, same color on both sides. Blue is bright high gloss, Indigo. Burgundy, Wineberry. Black. Again, these are the most popular colors that you see on new boats.
pontoon fence panneling shipper replacement colored pontoon pence paneling

$299 + $50 Flat Rate Shipping
- specify Blue, Burgundy or Black.
SHIPPING COST IS $50 PER ROLL Continental US Only!
It ships in a 49"x28" tube that weight #50, pick up available to save shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: The colored paneling is different from our “standard” 24” x 60’ replacement paneling and made by a different supplier. It’s thicker .030 versus .020 which makes it harder to work with, you’ll need tin snips, you’ll have a little more difficulty bending it around curves, but when you're done the color panel will definitely make your old boat look new.

Double sticky back VHB tape $29.95
(108' roll)
vhb tape
1/4” wide, about 1/16” thick (47.24 mil), VHB (very high bond)
 tensile strength of 94 pounds per inch. Sets up in seconds,
dries quickly and provides a permanent hold that will not come loose.

Three ways to install new fence paneling

1 - slide between the aluminum lips 2 - pop rivet over the edges (no trim) 3 - Use gimp trim along

1 - To install paneling on fence with aluminum lips, pry open the lip (a strong putty knife works well) slide the paneling between the top and bottom lips and tap the lips closed with a wooden mallet.


2 - On fence without lips simply lay the panels against the fence and fasten using pop rivets or stainless screws.
For best results, space the pop rivets about 4”-6” apart.

3 - Install with protective vinyl “Gimp Trim” along the edges of the paneling.


With either method, use a pop rivet or screw on the edges and one or two on the vertical legs of the frame to help keep the panel in place and prevent vibrating.

Instructions for installation of new fence paneling

Paneling is 24” tall x 60” wide. One roll has enough material for most fence playpens under 24’.

Measure the height of your fence paneling: This varies with different brands of boats, some are as small as 12” high while others may be 20”. You’ll need to trim the 24” tall paneling to your height.


Measure the length of the individual pieces of fence. Different sections are of varying lengths. Be especially careful measuring radius corners and it wouldn’t hurt to leave that dimension an inch longer than necessary. Once you’ve installed the panel around the radius you can always trim off the excess.


Most people find it easier to cut the length and then cut the height. You can cut the trim with numerous tools but the simplest method is to “score” the aluminum with a sharp razor knife and then “break” the aluminum along the line.

After measuring and marking the paneling, use a sharp razor knife and score the aluminum. Use a straight edge to help guide the knife. No need to actually cut through the aluminum, just scoring it will weaken it enough to “break” when folded or bent.
After the aluminum has been scored, fold the pieces and it will “break” along the edge which you scored. No need to cut through the aluminum or use shears.


It is the responsibility of the installer to mount and secure replacement pontoon fence in a safe manner that conforms to
 Coast Guard and local safety standards. Pontoonfence.com supplies only general guidelines as to how replacement fence
should be installed. Generally our fence is sold to replace old pontoon fence. If the old fence was installed properly, the new
fence should be also. But, it is up to the installer to make certain that it is installed safely, with no loose parts, sharp
edges, etc.  Safety pinch guards (supplied) must be installed on gates.

Pontoonfence.com is not responsible for fence improperly or unsafely installed.
pontoon fence paneling