Pontoon Boat Replacement Fence Paneling

Our Honest Opinion on Replacing Fence Paneling

Replacing the fence paneling is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your boat. Vinyl is sometimes used because its inexpensive and easy to work with. After repeated complaints we stopped selling vinyl. Vinyl expands and contracts with temperature. It’s great for home siding but when fastened on pontoon fence it gets ugly.

.020 aluminum is superior to vinyl and just a few dollars more. It’s not subject to shrinkage and .020 is easy to work with. You can usually replace the whole fence paneling on boats up to 24’ for $199. We’ve sold 600+ rolls of .020. But we’ve had complaints that it can dimples easily. A rental operator who didn’t want to spend money for .030 used .020 and then complained loudly that after a year it showed signs of wear.

The .030 is what the new boat builders use. The blue, black and burgundy are gorgeous in .030. For a short time we sold colors in .020 but in colored paneling you could see the slightest blemish in .020. The .030 is strong, durable and will probably last 10+ years just like your old paneling.

  What You Need to Know   
  pontoon fence replacement  
The fence on the boat above is all one height.
Fence panel height ranges from about 12” to 20”.
Our 18” or 24 1/2” .030 paneling will all work.
You can trim it to the right height with minimal scrap. 
On the boat above, the stern paneling is 30” tall, the front panel is 18” tall. Our “regular” 24” paneling won’t work in the stern. Use 18” & 36” rolls of Colonial White. Or use the 49” tall, Blue, Black or Burgundy and cut it to heights. 
How Much do You Need? 
  measure for pontoon fence  Measure the length of the fence, not the deck or the pontoons.
The example to the left will need 32’ for the two sides and 13’ for the front and back corners or 45’ total. 24” tall paneling can be trimmed to 18”. 36” or 49” tall panel can be slit to yield pieces of different heights.

24" Tall x 20' Long .030 Thick Fence Paneling $109
24" Tall x 60' Long .030 Thick Fence Paneling $295
The same thickness as new boat builders use. .030 is a little more difficult to work with but, you can score it with a razor knife and break it along the line. It does not dent or show blemished as easily as .020 (it’s thicker and stronger). At 20’ long you may need more than one roll.

60’ roll is usually enough to do most 20’ fence packages.
Replace outdated gray paneling with this gorgeous modern metallic light gray paneling.
pontoon boat replacement fence paneling
blue pontoon fence paneling black replacement pontoon fence burgundy pontoon fence Diamond Ice pontoon fence paneling

18" Tall x 20' Long .030 Thick Fence Paneling $79
18" Tall x 60' Long .030 Thick Fence Paneling $229
36" Tall x 20' Long .030 Thick Fence Paneling $149
Colonial White ONLY. When you’re trying to replace a portion of an older fence, most older fence panels were Colonial White. Or when you have panels of varying heights on the same boat. At 20’ long you may need more than one roll.
replacement pontoon fence panneling
colonial white pontoon fence paneling

Vinyl Fence Panel
We sold vinyl pontoon fence replacement, but we quit. The photo below shows why. The boat looks worse than this picture. On a hot summer day the vinyl E X P A N D S and contracts and can pull away from pop rivets or screws. The fence panel gets wrinkled and we had one case where the panel pulled out of the crimping and fell in the water. I’m not making this up.  Aluminum paneling is clearly superior but the problem for some sellers is that you have to buy and stock it in volume.  Many internet sellers of vinyl paneling just take your order and forward it to a third person for shipping.  Its easier for the seller but when the paneling looks like this, you won’t be happy.
Vinyl Pontoon Fence

Double sticky back VHB tape $29.95
(108' roll)
vhb tape
1/4” wide, about 1/16” thick (47.24 mil), VHB (very high bond)
 tensile strength of 94 pounds per inch. Sets up in seconds,
dries quickly and provides a permanent hold that will not come loose.
Click Here for Installation Tips on Installing our fence paneling

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