Pontoon Boat Sun Decks

Many modern pontoons have sun-decks behind the back benches. Sun Decks were originally developed to quiet the engine noise of older outboard motors. In the modern era with quieter four stroke outboard engines, sun-decks are usually used for concealed storage and on rare occasion we have seen someone actually climb up on them and sun bathe.

With our optional sun-deck package, any pontoon rail package with radius stern fence can be made into a sun-deck. You’ll still need to supply a piece of wood and foam or carpet to cover it, but we’ll supply the sun-deck fence components.


pontoon boat sundeck

Sun Deck Fence Kit

To Finish your sun-deck you’ll need the following:
 A piece of 3/4” wood (decking) 24” x 92” wide.
Carpet to match the floor or foam with vinyl to match the seat upholstery.
 Hinges to attach the sun-deck and maybe shocks to keep it open.

24" pontoon boat sundeck

Stern Entry w/Sun Deck
 You can create a stern entry fence by eliminating the starboard rear corner pieces and substituting
 a 24” straight piece up the side (or leave the side open) and add a 30” gate.

Stern entry with Sun Deck  

The concealed storage area in the stern of newer pontoon boats is called the sun-deck. These enclosed areas in the stern can be a convenient area for gas tanks, batteries, life jackets, etc. They were originally developed to help quiet engine noise but with the modern outboards that is not as much of a benefit. Remember when thinking about adding a sundeck, you are diminishing the useable deck floor space.
pontoon boat sundeck pontoon boat sundeck
Almost any configuration can be adapted for a sundeck. To make a sundeck you need three unique pieces of fence. 1-92” straight piece, 2-Sun Deck U’s, 23” long (up the side) x 31 1/2” wide (across the back). It includes a support bar that joins the U’s together in the back.


92” fence with paneling over top rail $219.95 - PN: F-925D
 2-Sun Deck U’s $399. - PN: F-FSDU 

Sundeck U



Sun Deck Upholstered Pad $439. complete - PN: SDP-96

Complete Pre-packaged sundeck with upholstered pads and everything you need.

Upholstered pontoonboat sundeck pad Color coordinated upholstery (to match our brands of pontoon seating).  Platinum Kit includes everything you need; two upholstered sections (see above), hinges, shock absorbers and supports bars.

pontoon boat railing